What makes Prolife Alberta different

Charitable pro-life organizations can issue tax-receipts, but can’t engage in politics (they would lose their charitable status). Other political pro-life organizations can’t issue tax receipts, and can only engage in politics outside of provincial elections. Only Prolife Alberta can do both.

Prolife Alberta is Alberta’s only political pro-life organization that can issue tax-receipts and engage in politics – including during provincial elections.

Prolife Alberta is Alberta’s Most Effective Political Pro-life Organization.

Building Alberta’s Most Effective Political Pro-life Organization by:

  1. Bringing the pro-life message to more Albertans than would otherwise be reached – including during provincial elections;
  2. Compelling political candidates and incumbents to discuss abortion, an issue they would rather neglect;
  3. Offering tax-credits for financial contributions.

During a provincial election, other pro-­life organizations can’t just engage in the political process. We can.

  • Prolife Alberta can engage the culture on pro-­life issues – even during provincial elections! During a provincial election, other pro-­life organizations can’t just engage in the political process. We can. Charitable pro-life organizations would lose their charitable status; and other pro-life organizations would have to register as Third-Party Advertisers with restrictive spending limits and without tax-benefits. As a registered political association, Prolife Alberta evens the playing field. Pro-life Albertans will no longer be forced to sit silently on the sidelines while politicians get away with monopolizing and misrepresenting the debate on abortion, if it ever gets mentioned at all. Prolife Alberta can communicate with voters during provincial elections without having to jump over any special hurdles first. Prolife Alberta can engage the culture on pro-­life issues when it really matters – during an election campaign.

How many times have you heard provincial politicians say“abortion is only federal jurisdiction” or “we won’t legislate on contentious social issues”and get away with it? Neither is true. And we shouldn’t allow politicians to get away with either statement. Politicians legislate on contentious issues all the time – and there is a ton that can be done to protect the pre-born, including provincially.

  • We can engage Albertans like no other pro­‐life organization can. When it comes to the pro-life battle of our province, other pro-life organizations are unfairly prohibited from simply participating in the political arena during provincial elections. Only Prolife Alberta can remain politically active during provincial elections, without having to jump through any special hoops first. The battle begins at home, which for us means motivating Alberta voters to elect MLAs who will work to protect the pre-born. The battle looms far-and-wide but if we’re to be successful in protecting the pre-born we need to focus on doing our part in Alberta so that other organizations can focus on doing their part nationally or abroad.

Prolife Alberta can bring the pro-life message to the public during elections, educating large numbers of people concerning abortion and life issues

  • We can impact how pro‐lifers view politics – as well as change how politicians view pro‐lifers. By building a political pro-life culture that encourages pro‐lifers to get involved in the democratic process whether as candidates, political campaign workers, volunteers, or voters. The pro-life battle is political as well as moral and ideological. By participating in the political process we can make a difference; causing pro-life candidates and positions to be taken more seriously. We will change how politicians view pro-­lifers by forcing the debate on abortion in the political arena, demonstrating that the issue of abortion is politically relevant and that pro‐lifers will no longer allow our views to be dismissed or our votes to be taken for granted.

Charitable pro-life organizations can issue tax-receipts, but can’t engage in politics; Political pro-life organizations can engage in politics, but can’t issue tax-receipts. Prolife Alberta can both engage in politics and issue tax-receipts.

  • We can issue political tax receipts. No other political pro-­life organization can. Charitable pro-life organizations can issue tax-receipts, but can’t engage in politics; other political pro-life organizations can engage in politics but only outside of elections, and can’t issue tax-receipts. We can do both. Because of our status as a registered political association with Elections Alberta we can directly engage in political activities even during a provincial election, and we can issue generous tax receipts to financial contributors – encouraging people to contribute efficiently to the pro-­life movement. Contributions up to $200 receive 75% back in the form of a tax receipt. So a $200 contribution ends up costing you only $50! (Please note that the maximum allowable contribution is $4,300 and the maximum allowable tax credit is $1,000). Making Prolife Alberta a tax-efficient way to contribute to the pro-life cause in Alberta.

Many of the people we identify, recruit, engage or educate would not be accessible without Prolife Alberta. These same people and the others they recruit, will continue to be active in the political pro­‐life movement even outside of provincial elections – for years to come. Expanding the pro‐life movement, and increasing the number of effective, politically experienced pro‐life activists that will impact the public policy process of Alberta, down the road. For Families. For Life. For Alberta.

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