UCP Leadership


Why should you care who becomes the next leader of the UCP? The next leader of the UCP will also become Alberta’s next Premier – at least until the next election. So help make sure that Alberta’s next Premier is pro-life.

Be a voice for the voice-less by voting for Life.


1. Purchase a United Conservative Party Membership Online.
In order to vote for the new leader of the UCP, you must be a member of the party by Friday, August 12, 2022. Even if you already have a federal membership, you will need a separate $10 provincial membership.
To buy a membership to vote for the most pro-life candidate, please click here.

2. Rank Your Ballot
You will receive a ballot in the mail. Fill out the ballot by ranking each candidate from 1-6 (We will be in touch with our suggested ranking and pro-life endorsement soon). Ranking the candidates is important because of how the votes are tallied. After the first vote is counted, if no candidate receives more than 50% then the candidate receiving the least number of votes will be dropped from the contest and the ballots will be recalculated based on the next choices from the dropped candidates ballots. This process will be repeated until a candidate receives over 50%.

3. Mail Your Ballot
Once you’ve filled out your ballot, mail it back to the party using the return envelop provided. Voting can also be done in person at one of 5 voting locations. A polling location will be set up in each of the party’s five provincial regions (North, South, Central, Edmonton and Calgary). More details can be found here.

Vote like lives depended on it… because they do.

Vote for Life by voting for a pro-life leader.

  • Time is running out! Be a voice for the voiceless with your vote for the new leader of the UCP – and our next Premier. In order to vote in the leadership race you must be a member of the party by Friday, August 12, 2022. To buy a membership to vote, please click here. To let the candidates know about the many ways they can protect the preborn in Alberta visit the “about” section of our website here.