Think abortion is just a women’s issue?

Think abortion is just a women's issue?

...Think again.

The truth is, abortion hurts everyone: women, men, babies, families – even society. Everyone except for the multi-million dollar profits of the abortion industry. Rather than supporting women in need, abortion providers oppose every effort to help pregnant mothers choose life for their babies (it’s bad for business). If the baby is the first victim of abortion, then the exploited second victim of abortion is often the mother herself. It is she who suffers the loss of her own child. And it is she who carries the regrets, the grief, the heartaches, the loss, and the memories.

Men often use abortion by coercing women into aborting the baby she may want, to avoid the responsibility of fatherhood. 

In many ways, abortion is a service for males to avoid the responsibilities of child-rearing/support. Lack of support from an unborn baby’s father is one of the leading factors in a mother’s decision to have an abortion. Men are often times involved in facilitating abortions and putting pressure on the woman to abort. …Whose “choice” is that?

Abortion hurts women. Women deserve better than abortion, babies deserve to live, and many men regret lost fatherhood. Alberta should support people over profits by supporting women and their babies over the multi-million dollar profits of the abortion industry. Yet in this day and age in Alberta, it is somehow acceptable to kill babies in the womb at private for-profit abortion facilities, at public expense – at a rate of almost 12,000 babies per year… But there is hope. Together we can help both the mother and her baby by promoting positive, life-affirming alternatives to the practice of abortion.