The 7.8 Million Dollar Question


Support people over profits by supporting women and their babies over the multi-million dollar profits of the abortion industry. 

How much does an abortion cost? at least one innocent human life. The second victim of abortion is often the mother herself, who carries the regrets, the grief, the heartaches, the loss, and the memories.

Yet in Alberta, it is somehow acceptable to kill babies in the womb at mostly private for-profit abortion facilities, at public expense – at a rate of almost 12,000 babies per year…

Alberta taxpayers currently pay at least $7.8 million every year towards the funding of medically-unnecessary (“elective”) abortions in Alberta at private, for-profit abortion facilities [1]. All while many genuine health care needs do not get covered by Alberta provincial health insurance.

$7.8 million taxpayer dollars could instead be used to hire 19 doctors [2], hire 200 nurses [3], or buy 6 life-saving MRI machines [4] every year for all Albertans.

It’s one thing for an individual to make a personal choice to end the life of a baby in the womb. Its quite another to expect the rest of us to pay for it. Abortion is too divisive to fund with taxpayer dollars. We should de-fund abortion and fund the life affirming alternatives of crisis pregnancy support, parental support, and adoption.

[1] Abortion costs are not revealed by government. Pro-abortion group “Pro-Choice Action Network” estimates a clinic abortion costs around $500, and a hospital abortion costs around $1,000. There were 2,292 recorded hospital abortions and 11,080 recorded clinic abortions in Alberta in 2011: