Become a Monthly Prolife Alberta Donor

Become a Monthly Prolife Alberta Donor

Join the dollar a week movement.
A little goes a long way at Prolife Alberta.
Becoming a monthly donor, and contributing just $16 per month, entitles you to a tax receipt worth up to $12 per month, making your actual cost only $4 a month which is just $1 per week!
If just a fraction of our supporters joined the $1 a week movement, it would fuel the Conservative movement in Alberta and help us stand up for Alberta. Select your monthly gift below!


  1. To contribute monthly through your bank accountplease use this form
  2. E-transfers can be sent to (Include your mailing address so we know who to make the tax-receipt out to).
  3. To make a financial contribution by mail, please mail a cheque made out to: Prolife Alberta. Mail your cheque to:

Prolife Alberta
12 Spruce Ctr SW
Calgary, AB T3C 3B3

Please note that contributions can only be accepted from residents of Alberta.

For a $200.00 financial contribution, you will receive a tax credit of $150.00, making your total cost only $50.00! That’s a 75% refund! A great value and a great way to help out an organization that is committed to promoting pro-life public policy in Alberta!

ContributionTax CreditActual Cost

The maximum allowable donation is $5,000.00 and the maximum allowable tax credit is $1000.00.

NOTE: Contributions over $250.00 are made public by Elections Alberta.

Un-incorporated groups, which might include lawyers and accountants, must have receipts issued in the names of individuals or partners.

Thank you!