Together, we can help both the mother and her baby.

The right to life of preborn children; protecting & caring for girls and women through common-sense provincial reforms such as:

  • Promoting positive, life-affirming alternatives to the practice of abortion
  • Expanding the influence of Alberta Adoption Services to work with pregnant women who feel themselves unable or not-yet-ready to be mothers, to match them up with prospective parents who want to adopt a child
  • Counseling: Promote counseling for women in unplanned pregnancies that will provide them with all the alternatives available to them including the possible physical, psychological and spiritual impacts an abortion could have.
  • Parental consent legislation: A parent’s (or guardians) right to give consent, or be informed, before their minor child undergoes an abortion procedure as is already the case when minors undergo medical treatments; or even body modifications such as piercing or tattooing.
  • Parental notification for minors: As is currently the practice with invasive medical-procedures or treatments performed on minors, require that the legal guardians of a person under the age of 16 receive notification when an abortion is scheduled for their child.
  • Informed choice/consent: Require that patients considering abortion be given full information on fetal development, including an ultrasound and all the possible psychological and physical health effects the procedure might have prior to the abortion being performed. They should also be given the full range of information about abortion alternatives and support available from various agencies and groups within the community. Most medical procedures require patients be fully-informed about the possible complications and side-effects before they consent. So when it comes to abortion — why are we not giving all the facts first?
  • Ultrasound awareness: Ultrasound laws are important for women’s health. Often, prior to an operation, your doctor and medical team will review the operation with you. In some cases, you will view a video of the procedure in advance. They will inform you of how the procedure works, what will be done to your body, and frequently review any x-ray or MRI scans of the area of your body on which they will operate. If we are to treat the procurement of abortion “just like any other” medical procedure, then these steps should also be taken.
  • Increasing the emergency allowance for pregnant women escaping domestic abuse: Currently, the government has an “emergency allowance” which helps those fleeing domestic abuse resettle themselves. Some of those fleeing domestic abuse are pregnant. Imagine the enormous stress these women are under. Often without income, they have the additional stress of trying to make good decisions for their pre-born child. More money won’t make these problems go away, but it might make them a little easier for a woman and her pre-born son or daughter.
  • Eliminating public tax-payer funding of abortions: Currently, all abortions in Alberta are funded with tax-payer dollars through the provincial health care system. The Canada Health Act does not require abortion costs to be insured. It states only that “medically necessary” procedures must be insured.
  • Defunding elective, non-medically necessary abortions to fund the life affirming alternatives of crisis pregnancy support, parental support, and adoption.

With your help we can continue to build the political pro-life movement in Alberta. Together, we can protect our most vulnerable by passing laws protecting life. Helping both the mother and her baby. Now, lets get to work!