Maximize Your Tax-credits

Get your tax credit before it's too late.

Help build the pro-life movement in Alberta by making a secure financial contribution below. Prolife Alberta relies on the generosity of pro-life Albertans like you – we can’t do this without your support.

Get your donation in today to maximize your 2023 tax credits before the 11:59PM, Dec 31st year-end deadline and help us continue building the political pro-life movement in Alberta.


  1. To contribute monthly through your bank accountplease use this form
  2. E-transfers can be sent to (Include your mailing address so we know who to make the tax-receipt out to).
  3. To make a financial contribution by mail, please mail a cheque made out to: Prolife Alberta. Mail your cheque to:

Prolife Alberta
12 Spruce Ctr SW
Calgary, AB T3C 3B3

Please note that the maximum allowable contribution is $5,000 and the maximum allowable tax credit is $1,000. Scroll down for full information on available tax credits.

Thank you for supporting Prolife Alberta!

Please note that contributions can only be accepted from residents of Alberta.

For a $200.00 financial contribution, you will receive a tax credit of $150.00, making your total cost only $50.00! That’s a 75% refund! A great value and a great way to help out an organization that is committed to promoting pro-life values in Alberta!

ContributionTax CreditActual Cost

The maximum allowable donation is $5,000.00 and the maximum allowable tax credit is $1000.00.

NOTE: Contributions over $250.00 are made public by Elections Alberta.

Un-incorporated groups, which might include lawyers and accountants, must have receipts issued in the names of individuals or partners.

Thank you!