Lucas Hernandez

Lucas Hernandez for Calgary-MountainView

My name is Lucas Christian Hernandez...

In 2017 I discovered my girlfriend was pregnant. We were unwed, the child was unplanned, I was a recovering addict, my girlfriend had seizures, mental health issues, and we were low income. What’s more, my daughter was diagnosed with gastroschisis, a condition where the baby’s intestines develop outside of their own body while in the womb.

The day I first saw my daughter move on an ultrasound, the same day we first discovered her condition, the doctor asked me if I wanted to abort my child. I told him if he asked me that again I would find a new doctor. He apologized and told me he was required to ask that question. I took my daughters ultrasound photos and demonstrated at Chinook mall with friends, showing people what a human being looks like in the womb and telling them what the doctor had asked me. After birth my daughter spent 7 weeks in the NICU and was successfully operated on thanks to the brilliance of the doctors and the grace of God.

Today my daughter is a healthy, happy, very much alive little girl. Despite the many obstacles and challenges she, myself, and her mother have faced since her conception, I am so thankful we chose life. Being a parent has been the greatest adventure of my life, and I want to help people find the support and resources to embark on their own beautiful journey of parenthood.

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Together, let’s stand up for our women, girls, and the preborn against the status-quo of private for-profit, abortion-on-demand.

Together, we can help both the mother and her baby. To learn more about some of the many things that can be done, click here.