How can I help build the movement?

Be a voice for the voice-less: Let your MLA know that if you can’t count on them to support life, then they can’t count on your support at the ballot box!


1) By becoming a part of it! Partner financially or volunteer with us and join the growing movement calling for change by building the most effective political pro-life movement in Alberta. Connect with us. And encourage your pro‐life friends, family, and neighbours to do the same! This is your movement ­‐ help grow it!

How you can help build the movement:

2) By voting for pro-life candidates. Ask your politicians and those running for elected office where they stand on the issue of abortion. Hold them accountable. Let them know that if you can’t count on them to support life, then they can’t count on your support at the ballot box! Vote for someone else; withhold your financial support; even threaten to run against them for their party’s Nomination! Politicians respond to voters’ actions more than to words. Don’t let them get away with saying that they are “personally opposed” to abortion while unwilling to do anything about it (talking publicly about abortion is doing something about it, “bringing it up privately in caucus” is not).

Vote like lives depended on it… because they do.

Vote for Life by voting for pro-life politicians.

3) By contacting your MLA: email, call, or better yet, schedule an in-person meeting to ask them what they think about abortion, and if they say “abortion is a federal jurisdiction” (and even if they don’t) let them know about the many ways they can protect the preborn in Alberta. To find out who your MLA is and how to contact them, click here!

4) By holding a get-together, meet‐and-greet or coffee party (or whatever else you can think of) with your friends, family, or co­‐workers to let them know about Prolife Alberta. Start today – email them a link to Prolife Alberta.

5) By partnering financially with us (you’ll even get a generous tax receipt!)

Each pro-life project helps prepare the soil for future endeavors.