Election 2023

Alberta Provincial Election 2023

In addition to our radio ads which continue being aired throughout Alberta (which can be heard here), and online ads, we have also invested in billboards for Brooks, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Grande Prairie.
These billboards bring much-needed attention to the plight of the preborn in this election – when the issue of abortion might otherwise be ignored or swept-under-the-rug.

Vote Your Conscience.

Prolife Alberta is proud to have Lucas Hernandez standing for our Political Association in the electoral district of Calgary-Mountain View. This is also the district in which the infamous Kensington abortion clinic is located (more information about the Lucas Hernandez Campaign can be found here). The graphic below is part of a mailer that went out to all residents of the Calgary-Mountain View riding.

We also continue to respond to numerous calls, emails, and inquires about who to vote for in this election. As usual, we encourage those wondering, to contact candidates running for elected office (which you can find here) and to let them know that if you can’t count on them to defend Life, then they can’t count on you to vote for them; keep the issue of abortion on their radar as something that matters to you – a voter, in their district.