Billboards & Radio

Prolife Across Alberta

Bringing the Prolife Message to Millions of Albertans

We recognize that not everyone can go out into the streets proclaiming the pro-life message – but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a part in getting the message out!

With your help, we have launched a massive provincewide advertising campaign bringing the pro-life message home to millions of Albertans across our great province.

Prolife Alberta billboards and radio ads are part of an ongoing ministry providing public pro-life witness and testimony to people who otherwise may not be reached in any other way.

Billboard locations include Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, and Red Deer (you can see two of the billboard designs on this page).

Seeing the pro-life message is important, but so is hearing it. That is why we continue airing pro-life radio ads on both secular and faith-based radio stations throughout Alberta. Hear three of these ads below:

Let the Beat Go On” Radio Ad for General-Audience Listeners.

See for yourself…” Radio Ad for General-Audience Listeners.

Don’t let the lives of Alberta’s preborn babies be swept under the rug; don’t stay silent to the horrors of abortion. Be a voice for the voice-less. Pitch in today to help bring Prolife Across Alberta and keep the message of Life in the public square.

Abortion hurts women as well as their preborn children. That is why Women and Their Babies Deserve Better than Abortion. Together, we can help both the mother and her baby.

In response to activist city-councils which limited pro-life free-speech, comes “The Reality of Abortion is too Disturbing for this Billboard”. Learn more about the campaign at: