Action Alert

Action Alert

Most just flush it down the toilet.”

These are the actual words belonging to a spokeswoman for the Alberta Medical Abortion Clinic, describing what usually happens to the baby’s body after an at-home, Do-It-Yourself, chemical abortion.

Linda Slobodian, a senior investigative journalist, recently published a column in the Western Standard after interviewing a spokeswoman for the Alberta Medical Abortion Clinic (view the article for yourself here).

Can unregulated abortion become any more inhumane in Alberta?

You can now get a prescription over the phone or online to perform your own DIY chemical abortion in the bathroom. And then just flush away the “products of conception.” Casual abortion on demand.

No medical supervision.

No one to help you if something goes wrong–oh, except for a 24-hour hotline!

Aside from the baby, this is an utterly shocking disregard for the mother’s health.

Is her health and well-being not worthwhile enough to require proper medical supervision and care? No other medical procedure is so devoid of accountability and oversight.

It gets worse.

When asked about whether there are any age restrictions to prescribing chemical abortion pills virtually, this is what spokeswoman said:

“I think it’s the age of consent. I think 16. Yeah, I think. Don’t quote me on that. …Another Calgary abortion clinic handles the younger ones, she said.”


We can probably forgive the spokeswoman for her confusion regarding age-restrictions and abortion: in Alberta, there aren’t any.

But when the official spokesperson of an abortion facility can, without blinking an eye, callously state, “Most just flush it down the toilet,” and she’s talking about dead babies, you know we’ve reached a new low.

Stop and think about this for a minute. If chemical abortion pills are just a phone call or online consultation away, you know this system will be rife with abuse.

For an underage minor, getting an abortion shouldn’t be easier than getting booze or buying cigarettes underage.

Further, the ease of getting a DIY chemical abortion will increase the risk to vulnerable women and girls who may not want an abortion.

It will be that much easier for men to pressure or coerce women into having an abortion. And it will be harder to uncover human trafficking if an abortion can be performed in a bathroom rather than a licensed medical facility.

And who gets left holding the bill for all of this? You do.

In most cases, abortion isn’t a medically necessary service, yet you the taxpayer is on the hook for it, nonetheless.

Babies are killed in the womb at private for-profit abortion facilities – at a rate of almost 12,000 babies per year. No wonder our health care system is broke and government is handing out DIY chemical abortion pills like candy to save a buck.


Our women and their babies, all Albertans, deserve better. We must do something.

We don’t have NDP left-wing idealogues running the province anymore. So now is a good time for Danielle Smith’s UCP government to enact some common-sense abortion regulation that most Albertans can easily get behind.

And to heck with what Justin Trudeau and the federal government might say about it. Healthcare is under provincial jurisdiction. The ball is entirely in Alberta’s court – we don’t have to live under their rules.

The complete absence of any provincial legislation surrounding abortion has created the dystopian abortion horror show we have today.

Most Albertans (and all reasonable ones) should be able to support these common-sense reforms:

1. Chemical abortion pills should not be prescribed over the phone or online.
2. Parents should be consulted when their minor daughter wants to have an abortion.
3. Elective, medically unnecessary abortions should not be publicly funded by taxpayers.

The unmitigated disaster of abortion-on-demand in Alberta has gone on for far too long.

Take a stand. Unborn babies and their moms depend on it. Women and their babies deserve better.

Reach out to Premier Danielle Smith and let her know that enough is enough!

On this page there is a pre-prepared form letter for you to fill out and send to the Premier. If you wish, you can add your own story to personalize your message. Or you can send it as written.

You can also contact the Premier directly by phone or mail at:

Phone: 780-427-2251
Mail: Office of the Premier
307 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2B6

We owe it to the tens-of-thousands of pre-born babies killed every year through abortion to get involved in the pro-life battle.

Please reach out to Premier Danielle Smith to let her know that the unmitigated disaster of abortion-on-demand in Alberta has gone on for far too long!

Thank you for taking action on behalf of our most vulnerable!

Yours in defence of Alberta’s preborn children and their moms,

~Your Prolife Alberta Team

PS: We owe it to the tens-of-thousands of pre-born babies killed every year through abortion to get involved in the pro-life battle. Reach out to Premier Smith now and let her know: enough is enough. Thanks.


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