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Prolife Alberta is a group of women and men committed to promoting pro-life public policy in Alberta, through politics.

We believe that all human life deserves protection, especially innocent human life.

Prolife Alberta is a voice for the many Albertans, including pre-born Albertans, who share the vision of a pro-life province.

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Together we can help both the mother and her baby.


With your help, we can continue building the most effective political pro-life movement in Alberta, one voter at a time.

Prolife Alberta is Alberta’s only political pro-life organization that can issue tax-receipts and engage in politics – including during provincial elections. Learn more…

Think again. Men often use abortion to coerce women into aborting the baby she wants, to avoid the responsibility. Learn more…

Be a voice for the voice-less: Let your MLA know that if you can’t count on them to support life, then they can’t count on your support at the ballot box! Learn more…

Promoting positive, life-affirming alternatives to the practice of abortion. Helping both the mother and her baby. Learn more…

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